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Dealing with Running Issues

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

As the summer winds down we see a few things in the office but one in particular is Marathon Training hitting its fuller swing and the injuries that go along with it.  The trouble in, our eyes, with most marathon training is that most of us suffer from muscle imbalances.  These imbalances are amplified by sitting at a desk for work, and then compounded by putting many miles of training in. Marathoners aren’t known for wanting to do a lot of weight, or even bodyweight training, to compliment their running cycles.

This good article from “The Greatist” points out many issues that runners may come across.  In the article you will see that even the author points out that seeing your Doctor will help to manage any common running issues.  Since your BCC Doc deals with movement all day and that is what they love to fix, they are a great window into how you can help yourself into becoming the most efficient runner you can.  A simple evaluation and analysis can be beneficial in creating a short program for any runner so that they may prevent any of the common, nagging running issues (or more importantly keep issues that may keep you from training from ever showing up).

If running a race is something that you are interested in, let one of the BCC Doctors take a look and see how you can best help yourself to make the experience the most enjoyable and additive to your health!