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Flexible or Flex-ABLE

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Many people come into the office when they are not in pain and are concerned with “how far” they can bend in a certain direction, i.e. touching their toes.  What they don’t understand is that bending to touch your toes is a multi-joint movement where many different  tissues are stressed.  Proper foot, ankle, knee, and hip range of motion are what should be evaluated BEFORE the movement happens in one’s lumbar spine.  These “greater than average flexibility” movements do not make an individual any less at risk for injury, and it is our opinion that this hypermobility will often lead to injury.  Creating good, safe, healthy for you ranges of each of these joint complexes makes for ideal, proper movement. Using the same example, if you don’t have ample hip motion, but still can reach down and put your palms on the floor, your knee and low back are most likely moving TOO MUCH which can be dangerous.  Check out THIS ARTICLE about flexibility and gain a better understanding of what your body needs to be best!

If you have any questions about how well you move, there is no better source than your BCC Doc!