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CORE: The Missing Link

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

If you have been in to BCC, especially in the past year since we’ve added Brad Kegebein to our team, you’ve most likely seen some sort of “core” exercise added to your treatment prescription.  We are firm believers that stability is necessary for proper movement and activity.  In THIS ARTICLE from the New York Times two of the big guns in spinal stabilization, rehab, and research, Stu McGill and Craig Liebenson place their arguments for having a strong middle and what it can do to help/prevent/manage low back pain in particular.

Many people have many misconceptions as to what GOOD core exercises are, and it is our goal here at BCC to keep you as informed as possible to the most effective and safe methods to create a healthy environment for whatever activities that you’ll like to participate in!

If you have any questions please come in and ask your BCC Doc and we’ll find you the best possible answer for your individual issue!