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Friday, January 6th, 2012

The New York Times published a very true to life article on yoga (here).  Many people, especially many of our patients, may be offended by this article as seeing it as very “negative” towards yoga or “anti-yoga”.  We at BCC do NOT agree.  What yoga has become in our country, especially in the metro-Detroit area, for a great part has strayed from its roots in self exploration and respect.  Here is our take on the article and yoga in general:

  • Yoga, just like any exercise is NOT for everyone.
  • Some poses of yoga are very restorative to INDIVIDUALS, but this again is dependent on each person’s needs. No two people are the same, so their yoga will most likely not be either.
  • “It’s ego,” he said. “The whole point of yoga is to get rid of ego.” – We very much like this quote from the article.  Yoga is not about how far you can get into any pose, but how you can understand what your body needs, and most of us need the help of a skilled, safe practitioner to help us with this understanding.
  • People need to understand who developed yoga- Indian people who were adept at squatting deeply and moving differently than our “modern American posture” which includes hours a day (for most of us) sitting at a desk/working on computer/driving. Postures that these people found easy and restorative will most certainly need to be modified for our more sedentary people.
  • One of the most important aspects of yoga (not mentioned in the article) is the focus on breath at the center of movement. Not just any breath either, but instead diaphragmatic, abdominal breath in all planes of motion.

Just to clarify, we do often prescribe yoga positions as therapeutic movements for our patients, but not until we have evaluated the patient and seen their specific needs.  Your BCC Doc would love to help show you what postures can be good for you individually.  Dr. Stuart McGill sums it up very well: “There is no perfect exercise.  Only the right exercise, for the right person at the right time”


Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times both reported on a recent research article.  The article showed results that many, except your BCC Doctors,  may find surprising.  The article cites a study performed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield compared the effectiveness of treatments including: medication, chiropractic and neck strengthening exercises.  The results of the study were broken up across patients that had various levels of improvement in symptoms, 50, 70 and 100% improved.  In ALL of these treatment groups, Chiropractic and Cervical Retraction Strengthening Exercise both scored SIGNIFICANTLY higher than medication.  Best of all, the biggest disparity in results was in patients who felt 100% improved, the number for each chiropractic and exercises was around 30 percent, while drugs only about 13 percent.

We at BCC know that BOTH chiropractic and proper restorative exercise programs are necessary to a full picture of health.  We believe that a combination of the INDIVIDUALIZED manipulation and rehabilitative exercise protocols for each patient will yield the highest result.  We also believe that what the study neglected to show was how much wellness one can create by using these two modalities in combination.  It is for this reason that our Dr’s have done the continuing manipulative and exercise instruction that they do- they want you to know just how dedicated to giving you the absolute highest quality of care that is available.  (Please note, that we also believe that we CANNOT say that there is not the need for medication in certain cases.  Medicine has its place in pain management, and your BCC Dr.’s recognize this and if need be will recommend them.)

So, studies say, if your neck is hurting, come in and let your BCC Doc take a look at you and help out!