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MRI… Mostly Ruling In?

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Many people are sent to get MRI’s for many different conditions in our medical system.  We at BCC even refer some patients to get MRI’s on their backs, hips, shoulders or necks.  We try to keep this imaging used ONLY as a farther investigation of a clinical history and in-depth physical examination to make our decisions on very challenging cases.  THIS ARTICLE FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES helps to explain why: MRI is a very SENSITIVE tool, but it is not very SPECIFIC.  This means that we can see MANY things on MRI, and many of these things are considered abnormal, but this does not mean that any invasive procedures are needed.  Many people go in for surgery based on an imaging finding, but if you haven’t found what actually causes pain in these patients, they frequently have sub-optimal results. Many things that are “normal” for that individual are seen as “abnormal” on MRI’s- this is why a detailed examination should be what dictates your doctor’s treatment options for each patient.

Here at BCC we pride ourselves on being very detailed and formulating the specific treatment plan/program for optimal outcome IN EACH INDIVIDUAL PATIENT.  The exam that we do is what allows us to be confident in these treatments.  If you have had an MRI and would like an opinion based on your SPECIFIC presentation and not just what you like like in pictures, please stop by BCC and talk to one of our Doc’s so we can help you!