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Sport Specialization with Kids- Pro’s and Con’s

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

All  across our country, especially in Birmingham and all across Oakland county, there are great youth opportunities to compete on very well coached and well respected sports teams across the gamut of sport.  This means that frequently we see in our younger student athletes, a very early “sport specialization”, or adherence to one sport for the entire year.  The practice of only competing in one sport is becoming more and more common for young athletes.    There are many reasons that parents/students will want to do this, and THIS ARTICLE from the Pathways to the Podium Research Project explains the positives and negatives of having a single sport child athlete.

As Doctors that deal with manual or mechanical problems, we encounter a lot of theses athletes.  Frequently the athletes that only do one sport have limitations in specific movements due to compensations of trying to be stronger in their one sport.   Athletes that do multiple sports are on the whole more rounded and have less imbalances.  It is important for all athletes, especially young ones, to have variation and different movements in their activities to keep their body as balanced as possible. If you or your child is does compete in only one sport for most of the year, there are always corrective exercises that can be prescribed by your BCC Doctor to help to mitigate the repetition that the body will be undergoing with constant one-sport use.

We love to see any student/children athletes at BCC as we think we can be a helpful link into maximizing their potential!  If you have any questions or would like to make sure your child athlete is performing to their best, stop by and have one of our BCC Doc’s help them out BEFORE they have any injuries!