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Friday, May 6th, 2011

Functional Training has become a huge BUZZ word in fitness in the past few years.  At BCC we have probably given you a “functional” exercise or possibly recommend that you spend some time exercising with the newest member of our BCC Team, Brad Kegebein.  THIS ARTICLE by Craig Liebenson explains what functional training should mean, and what we mean here at BCC mean when we say FUNCTIONAL TRAINING.  Your life is function, and we want to make you the best at it, no matter what it is you like to do.

Since having you functioning optimally is our goal, if you have any questions regarding functional training that you may be doing  or how you can integrate more functional exercises into your routine please don’t hesitate to let your BCC Doc know.  Likewise, if you have not yet met Brad and would like to have him work on your exercise program with you, talk to us and we’ll get you functional!

Lethal Sitting

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Here at BCC we often see people with pain syndromes or issues that deal with the fact that they are stuck at a desk doing work all day.  Many headaches and low back pain issues are result of muscular imbalances that we build up from lack of muscular activity and tightnesses that develop from prolonged sitting postures.  THIS ARTICLE highlights something else that may be happening as you sit- general health changes or weight gain!

Simple postural activities or quick exercises that can be done in the confines of any office space can be easily recommended by your BCC Doctor.  Come in and have them recommend some easy activities for you, and for your health, STAND and WALK as much as possible!