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Movement aka Aiming Therapy at Your BRAIN

Monday, March 14th, 2011

If you are a patient here at Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic and have been seen more than once, there is a high probability that you have received some sort of therapeutic exercise. All the Doctors here utilize the Chiropractic Adjustment as a quick tool into your Central Nervous System for pain relief, but it is our belief that the “true healing” begins when we can teach you how to recognize less-than-optimal movement patterns and then provide exercises to help break this pattern.

THIS ARTICLE explains in good detail the idea of the brain mapping movements instead of specific muscle strengthening.

Whenever you hear someone explain how an exercise or activity is “Functional”, what should be meant is that the exercise incorporates a fundamental movement pattern and taps into the brain.  If you have any questions of how we incorporate exercises or how to add some of these movement therapies into your current program, please don’t hesitate to ask your BCC Doc!

For You Kettlebell Lovers

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Many patients walk into BCC doing more progressive workout routines.  Yoga and pilates are becoming much more of a staple in people’s workout routines, but many are adding “Functional Training” tools such as kettlebells to their routines.  These people, and if you’re reading this article you are most likely one of these people, want to know if kettlebells are an OK addition to their routine.

Kettlebell exercises, if coached correctly, are very beneficial.  This is dependent on 2 things: making sure that you are using a manageable weight (many people go too heavy), and secondly that you have a good certified instructor that will not make you do movements that you do not control well.  If you suffer from low back pain there is a very strict movement pattern and awareness that needs to be followed to do a lot of the common kettlebell exercises.

The following link is for a wonderful shoulder/neck/midback exercise that, if performed correctly, adds great stabilization to those regions.  As with any exercise or weight lifting program, make sure that you have a very light, manageable weight to begin with and slowly ramp up from there.

Mike Robertson explains the Kettlebell Armbar

As always, if you have any questions about what workouts you should be doing or if a workout is safe for you, please do not hesitate to ask your BCC Doc for their opinion of your movement- We’re always here to help!!