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MUST READ pertaining Spinal Fusions

Monday, December 20th, 2010

We often have a very particular way of looking at things here at BCC but THIS ARTICLE speaks for itself.  If you have any questions about why you are or are not a candidate for back surgery or know anyone that is, PLEASE read this article.   Many unceccessary procedures are done each year.  We here at BCC have to refer patients for back surgery, injections, physical therapy or anti-inflammatory intervention often depending on the condition.   The luxury that patients at BCC have is that they know that the surgeon/doctor/therapist that they get sent to has their best interests in mind.

The article shows that is often not the case.

Spinal Fusion surgeries are cited as effective for: spinal instability, spinal fracture or severe curvature.  Even though this is what the surgery is designed for, extreme cases, they are frequently used for simple spinal pain.  The often overlooked secondary effect of a spinal fusion surgery is that more levels need to be fused because of the absolute limit of motion from fusion surgery.  The bigger question now is are the surgeons doing the surgery because they think it is necessary, which is obviously not founded in research, or because of financial incentive.

The Doctors at BCC only want you to know that what we care about is what is best for each individual patient.

Pregnant and Painful

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Many women complain of increased low back pain and sciatic pain during their pregnancy.  THIS VIDEO ARTICLE from a local Los Angeles channel shows study results citing Chiropractic as a benefit to pregnant mom’s-to-be.  Not only can Chiropractic care help with pain during the pregnancy, but care during the pregnancy has been shown to decrease the difficulty of delivery.

Here at BCC we often see our women patients during their pregnancy and employ techniques that can help reduce symptoms and make life during pregnancy a little less troublesome.  If you know of anyone pregnant complaining of back pain, headaches or sciatica your BCC Doc would love to help them out!

Attention: Gym Rats

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

A large percentage of our population goes to the gym and exercises.  THIS ARTICLE from the New York Times shows the dangers of improperly educated exercise.  We are not trying to tell patients that resistance training is not benifical-it definitely helps with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and even immune health.  We do advocate understanding which machines/exercises should be done for your body and doing them in a safe manner.  A few difference aspects of training need to be considered:

1) Do you know how to safely use the equipment that you are using?

2) Do you understand how much weight you can safely handle without injuring yourself?

3) Are you exercising in a manner that will not overtrain certain muscle groups while under-training others?

These issues can all be helped by a good personal trainer and also some evaluation with your BCC Doc.  There are many easy exercises that many of us need to do simply to combat our “at work” posture that are not done because they don’t fit into the “traditional” gym routine.  On the same token, there are many exercises that are part of the traditional gym routines that could easily be avoided (at least removed from regular routine) because they are only enhancing postural and muscular imbalances.  NO one program is great for everyone, so let your health professional help you to figure out what things need to be done and which could easily be avoided.  Your BCC Doc would love to help if you have any questions!