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Easy Everyday Advice

Friday, November 19th, 2010

There are many ideas and myths that people have about how to keep back pain at bay.  Many articles even include some of these common misconceptions, even in health magazines.  THIS ARTICLE from Women’s Day Magazine has some of the simple tricks that your BCC Doc will most likely tell you to do.  These guidelines are again, just a suggestion, and NO one thing really works for everyone.  This article does highlight simple things that we can generalize for most, like don’t stay sitting at your desk all day, get up and walk around, and also make sure you’re wearing good footwear.

For a more specific idea of how to move and be safe throughout your day, come see your BCC Doc and they will help to maximize your pain free days!

DON’T Stretch?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

BCC doctors try to pride themselves as staying very actively informed and being current with their knowledge base, and this knowledge is ever growing and often conflicts many contrary “popular” or older methods.  One of the most frequent things that you may hear from your BCC Doctor is that they “Don’t care for” a particular exercise that you may be doing, and this is because “conventional” knowledge that is often published in workout magazines is older information or information not explained to its entirety.   Similarly THIS ARTICLE explains that science in the past few years has shown us that static stretching (toe touches, hurdler’s stretches, etc) is NOT possibly the best thing to do before a workout.  It is more advisable instead to actively and dynamically activate and lengthen the muscles by doing some “warm-up” and plyometric type activities.  We are not advocating a cessation of isometric stretching, rather it be done after your workout (instead of before) or if you don’t get time for a workout, throughout the day.

If you’d like to make sure your exercises and/or stretches are the most current and best ones for your body come in and ask your BCC Doc, they’d love to help!

What’s Killing You Today? Everyday Actually

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

A great percentage of the patients here at BCC and also across our country suffer from the effects of sitting at a desk all day.  This work posture has very predictable musclulo-skeletal imbalances that are treated at BCC every day and our doctors try to educate our patients on how to improve but THIS ARTICLE shows how truly dangerous this type of work can be. The article highlights some of the most common postural muscle dysfunctions that we see in the office as well as some other, potentially more scary, health concerns including cardiovascular implications.

Your BCC Doc will tell you that getting up and moving will help your body to fight the postural dysfunctions associated with prolonged sitting, but research is proving that just the activity associated with getting up is also necessary.  If you’re feeling like you have any of the tightnesses or aches that are covered in the article, come on in and have your BCC Doc evaluate you!