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To Fuse or NOT to Fuse… (I’ll take NOT)

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic deals mostly with pain of a spinal origin.  This comes as no surprise to most.  The biggest question and fear most people have is “Do I need back surgery?” or “When do I go to a Chiropractor or when do I go see a surgeon or neurologist?”  It is our goal here at BCC to help you to understand what your options are, but most of (think greater than 90-95 percent) the time, surgery is not the option.  BACK PAIN is NOT an indication for surgery. This great article shows and cites research that not only is surgery not indicated in most cases, it is a large financial burden that can be avoided with conservative care.

There are always cases that warrant surgery, and your Birmingham Chiropractic Doc will be the FIRST to tell you when that may be an option.  Because of the reputation of BCC and the long term relationships that Dr. Kirsch has forged over his years in practice a referral to any number of great resources is only a phone call away for BCC patients.  Our doctors will tell you that if they ever think that a different treatment route, be it physical therapy, epidural/oral steroid, massage, rolfing, further imaging or a neurological consult ever be needed they will not hesitate.  It is their desire to be your gate-way to natural, conservative management.

Come talk to one of the BCC Doc’s and find out what your options really are!