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Roll-on Core Activation

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

One of the simplest tools that the Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic Doctor’s like to use is a foam roller.  The roller has many benefits, including:

  • Lengthening the spine
  • Helping to achieve a normal breathing pattern
  • Reversing the “slump” posture that we acquire from too much desk/sitting work
  • Reducing Neck pain
  • Reducing Rib or Mid-back pain
  • Simple “core” muscle activiation

This article from the Chicago Tribune shows that we aren’t the only ones using a Foam Roller to get “core” activation. Ask your BCC Doc how you can best utilize a foam roller to benefit your body!

Correct “CORE” Values

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Crunches have been used over the years as a “core” strengthening exercise by people of all different shapes and sizes.  In reality, the traditional sit-up and crunch are very hard on the low back, and may cause more harm than good.

Stuart McGill is one of the worlds leading researchers in core strength and spinal biomechanics.  He has authored many books and research articles on injury prevention and spinal stability.

This video link allows you to hear McGill himself explain some of his best core strengthening exercises.  All of these exercises have been extensively researched to be the safest and most challenging core workouts.

DISCLAIMER- Watch the whole video and listen carefully to the last comment made: “You’ll find that there’s no such thing as an ideal abdominal exercise for everybody”.  It’s best to learn all of the exercises and make sure that you’re performing them correctly. Be sure to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before performing these exercises.

Core Values


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

In recent history many people have changed the way that they have been exercising.  New models such as the P-90X system and Crossfit are more diverse than traditional 3 day a week, weight machine routines.  These new fitness programs also have many more complex, but also functional, movements.  The problem with these complex movements is that most of us have become de-conditioned in our “core” muscles.  These muscles are the ones responsible for preventing injury to our back, and to a great extent our arms and legs.

In this article Dr. William Morgan outlines the idea of having a “stiff” core, or what we here at Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic refer to as “Abdominal Bracing” (something you have no doubt heard when working with any of our doctors).  Being able to create this abdominal tension is of utmost importance not only when performing cross-fitness type training, but  is just as important in everyday life to relieve and prevent acute and chronic back pain.



Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

With all of the new strains of flu and flu vaccines available many people have questions regarding what vaccine, if any, is right for them.  The following article has many FACTS about flu vaccines and who they are best suited for.  We hope this information will help you to make the most educated decision in regards to vaccination.

Vaccine Facts